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Product update: multiple field management zones

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The TerrAvion zone creation tool allows TerrAvion users to create quick, easy, and accurate NDVI or thermal management zone maps for variable rate applications. This tool makes it simple for TerrAvion customers to put their imagery data into action. Last week, the TerrAvion engineering team added a new feature to the zone creation tool that allows users to make zoning maps for multiple fields at once.

Multiple field zone creation 

Up until this point, TerrAvion users could make their zoning maps one field at a time. For growers with large fields, the single field zoning limit was not a significant hindrance. For growers with several smaller fields, however, creating zoning maps one field at a time was a tedious task. The multiple field zoning feature provides a solution for these users to easily create one large zoning map for all areas at once. With the new zone creation tool update, users can toggle on the multiple fields button and click to select all the fields they want to include in their zoning map. The zoning tool will then generate a single management zone map that contains all selected fields, which saves you time without sacrificing quality for easy variable rate applications.

ydropHigh-resolution imagery provides excellent value as a foundation for variable rate applications, and the TerrAvion zone creation feature makes it easier than ever for growers to implement their data into their operations. The image to the left shows a TerrAvion NDVI zoning map that was uploaded onto an onboard controller for use on a Y-Drop nitrogen application. For more information on how to use the TerrAvion NDVI zone creation tool, click here

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