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Use case: Identify and correct planting failures blog post

While in the Northern Hemisphere, crops are still in the middle of their growing season or harvest is starting, in the Southern Hemisphere, agriculture is getting ready for a new growing season.

One of the benefits of a season-long imagery subscription is the ability to use the image data collected at any time during the season and get a return on investment the whole season long. For early-season imagery, that means the ability to identify, quantify, and correct problems like malfunctioning irrigation or planter skips, and consequently, creating an accurate marketing forecast. As obtaining an outstanding stand is the base for a great harvest, planting is an essential operation to manage and monitor at the beginning of the season.

Use case Identify and correct planting failures with natural RGB imagery
The very high-resolution RGB imagery in the TerrAvion platform gives a clear picture of each field.

Identifying planting failures can be done effortlessly with the Vigor, Infrared, and Color image bands available on the OverView platform.

Vigor and natural Color
TerrAvion Vigor and Color imagery show planter skips clearly.

Through the zone creation tool in OverView, it is easy to quantify the planting failure and export them as shapefiles to several other precision farming platforms, to make it possible to reseed in the predetermined areas.

Identify and correct planter skips with the Vigor data.
Identify and correct planter skips with the Vigor data.

The TerrAvion OverView platform allows you to select applicable parameters (grid size, NDVI or Thermal values, and minimum size of a region) in the zone creation tool to optimize the variable rate map and quantify any problems during the growing season. By importing the variable rate maps in the appropriate equipment, it is possible to make corrective actions in time, like in this case, replanting, and ensuring the calculated productivity at the end of the season.

Make a variable rate planting map to match planter skips
Identify and correct planter skips with Variable Rate Seeding

In the image above, this field shows the following based on the Vigor map:

  • Field size: 256.7 acres
  • Low vigor: 11.58 acres with
  • No plants: 16.40 acres without plants = 0 bu / ac of yield

The 16.40 acres without plants will be a total loss if not replanted. Considering an average productivity of 60 bu/ac, with a market value of US$ 8.76/bu, this producer would lose more than US$ 8600. And that is not even counting additional expenses and waste with herbicides and fertilizers in areas without plants if variable rate maps are not used during the remainder of the season. Recovering from the planting skips already gave this grower already an ROI of more than six times the annual TerrAvion subscription in the US Central region.

However, at any time of the season, farms can encounter problems such as lack or too much rain, excessive temperatures, diseases, pests, and even raids by animals that will affect the yield. A TerrAvion imagery subscription can help you get the highest ROI on your field every year.

For more information on how TerrAvion can help you solve planting problems caused by several other factors, provide your contact information.


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