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  • Jul 21
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Use case: estimate yield for grain marketing

TerrAvion imagery offers use cases during the whole growing seasonTerrAvion imagery has a lot of use cases during the growing season such as stand assessment, nutrient application, storm assessment, scouting, and harvest management. Although for many crops harvest is still far away, farmers are starting to marketing again or even have contracts already in place. 

How do you know if those contracts are accurate? Or how do you know what you should be expecting for yield when looking at marketing your grains mid_season? To make the most of your grain marketing, it helps to know what to expect as closely as possible.

How does TerrAvion imagery help with grain marketing?

It starts with ground-truthing in your fields with the help of TerrAvion imagery. Using TerrAvion Mobile, ground truth areas of the highest vigor, medium vigor, and low vigor. In the image shown here that is the darkest green, yellow, and red, but it depends on the colormap you have selected in TerrAvion OverView and Mobile.

Agriculture GIF-original-1

Obtain yield estimates how you would normally do. Next drop a 'pin' on the app with pictures (if needed), and record your estimates in TerrAvion Mobile on the spot that you have made your yield estimate. That will make it easy when you are using OverView back at your office to see which areas you have made the yield estimates for. Click the histogram box in the upper right-hand corner. The histogram will show up in the lower right bottom of your OverView screen with the number of acres and % of field data for different vigor values. Locate the high, medium vigor, and low vigor colors that best represent the areas you scouted or see the pins you dropped in TerrAvion Mobile.

histogram with yield estimate

Lastly, use the acres in the histogram box in conjunction with your bushel per acre estimates per vigor value to calculate the bushels to be harvested in each area. Now you will have a solid estimate about how much grain you will have at the end of the season. Hopefully it aligns if you already have a contract in place. Or if you are starting to market, you now have a solid foundation to start looking for the best options.

Just a couple of notes.

  • In both, TerrAvion OverView as well as TerrAvion Mobile it is possible to select your colormap. Make sure that you have the same color map selected in both tools.
  • TerrAvion Mobile is available for both Android and IOS devices, you can find the app store links here.
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