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TerrAvion + MyJohnDeere Operations Center

TerrAvion and John Deere together offer one of the most complete precision ag solutions on the market. This integration enables TerrAvion and MyJohnDeere joint customers to integrate their high-resolution TerrAvion aerial imagery seamlessly into their farm operations. The MyJohnDeere Operations Center is a complete farm management solution for growers. The Operations Center houses everything growers need to build and carry out a management plan and is the central location for growers to connect their machines, inputs, fields, and data.

How TerrAvion and the MyJohnDeere Operations Center work together

TerrAvion products are designed to help growers in these four general ways:

1. Crop monitoring to detect issuesjohndeere2
2. Directed scouting
3. Guide management decisions
4. Product performance evaluation

The success of any precision ag program depends heavily on the quality of data that is powering the program and the capabilities of the farm management system used to employ the plan. TerrAvion and the MyJohnDeere operations center offer market leading data and software solutions.

Detections and directed scouting

johndeere1In the past, growers have relied on random scouting to identify yield-robbing issues such as pest and disease infestations, irrigation failures, fertility issues, weeds, crop damage, soil issues, etc. Random scouting is inefficient and ineffective in uncovering amenable issues. Using high-resolution aerial imagery for issue detection and direct scouting ensures that all areas that require attention are seen, and the growers time isn't being wasted scouting healthy crops. Farmers use the TerrAvion mobile app to navigate to points of interest and can record their findings with geotagged notes and photos. This information will then inform a management plan to be developed and implemented in the MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

Management zones

In the MyJohnDeere Operations Center, growers can include TerrAvion imagery as part of the data package used to inform seeding, nutrient, chemical, and other input plans for their fields. The weekly delivered TerrAvion imagery provides farmers with a visual analysis of how their crop performed throughout the season, something that yield data, which tells you only the end result, can not. High-resolution imagery data adds an essential layer of context to other forms of data historically used to make these types of decisions.

Product analysis/evaluation

TerrAvion imagery helps to analyze and evaluate hybrid, nutrient, and chemical performances. Farmers record their findings into the MyJohnDeere Operations Center to build a more profitable management plan for the following year. Knowing things like how certain moisture or soil zones, weather events or other issues contributed throughout the season to the yield of a crop make a big difference in decision making for the next season.

The MyJohnDeere Operations Center is one of the most complete farm management platforms on the market. Combined with the highest quality and value aerial imagery data on the market from TerrAvion, the center offers growers a complete system proven to increase profits. For more information on the MyJohnDeere Operations Center, click here. To learn how to connect your TerrAvion imagery to your MyJohnDeere account, click here.

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