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TerrAvion partners in the news

TerrAvion knows all about image data and how it can help make farms more profitable. And we love to integrate our data with partners that offer additional value to our data. Below is a compilation of some recent news of our partners that shows that we are not the only ones who see the value.

Farm Dog and Farm Logs recognized as top scouting apps by United Soybean Board

We want to congratulate TerrAvion partners Farm Dog and Farm Logs for being recognized as two of the top 6 scouting platforms on the market by the United Soybean Board! The United Soybean Board is a non-profit organization that focuses on maximizing profit opportunities for all U.S. USBsoybean farmers. Here’s what the United Soybean Board had to say on Farm Dog:

"After users confirm their location using GPS to begin a scouting visit, Farm Dog generates a list of common pests farmers should check for in that area. The app also includes space to record personal notes and upload photos. Farmers can schedule future scouting sessions within the app as well as add new field locations on the spot. Through Farm Dog’s online portal, users can create and export scouting reports and graphs."

On Farm Logs:

“Farm Logs tracks historical data on every field on your farm. After a new field is added, the app automatically adds the field’s soil map and rainfall record. Users can then add crop history, scouting notes and photos for the fields. Although most app features are free, the program requires a subscription for reports, marketing and other in-app options.”

Farm Press highlights new TerrAvion + Farm Dog partnership as enhanced scouting solution

TerrAvion is proud to have recently partnered with Farm Dog. This partnership joins TerrAvion’s market-leading, high-resolution aerial imagery with Farm Dog’s award-winning scouting app. Farm Press recently recognized the new TerrAvion + Farm Dog partnership as an enhanced scouting solution. 

Here’s an excerpt on what Farm Press had to say about the TerrAvion  + Farm Dog integration:

farm press“A 200-acre field of corn is a big place to track trouble. Where to start? Scouts are using drones more in their work to get a bird’s-eye view of fields and target in-season work. TerrAvion imagery is captured by airplanes, field-indexed and GIS-tagged. These are high-resolution images that can flow into the Farm Dog app frequently, providing a full-season view.” 

TerrAvion’s own Amariah Fuller (chief of staff and product manager) had this to add:

“We focus on the thing we do well — aerial imagery. We want to focus on adding value where we can, and we felt that Farm Dog had the best scouting app we’ve seen.”

Read the full article here, and visit our website to learn more about what the TerrAvion + Farm Dog partnership can do for you.

FluroSat lands $4.6 million from Microsoft and other investors

Congratulations to our partner FluroSat on the success of their recent fundraising round! FluroSat recently secured $4.6 million from investors including Microsoft through their venture fund M12. In addition to Microsoft, funding was also provided by Grain Innovate Fund, the Artesian Clean Energy Fund, Costanoa Ventures, and Space Capital as well as existing investors Airtree Ventures, muru-D and CSIRO’s Main Sequence Ventures. 

Read more about the success of FluroSat’s latest fundraising round here, and click here to learn more about the TerrAvion + FluroSat integration.

For more information on all of our partners, visit the partner page on our website, or fill out the form below.

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