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  • Feb 18
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TerrAvion + Ninja Ag

TerrAvion is an integrated partner of analytics provider and precision agriculture specialist Ninja Ag. Ninja Ag was founded by precision agriculture industry professionals and is born out of decades of land grant institutional and private industry research. They provide enhanced NDVI imagery and nutrient recommendations to their customers. The TerrAvion + Ninja Ag partnership offers TerrAvion customers one of the top nutrient management solutions on the market while providing Ninja Ag customers seamless access to TerrAvion’s market-leading aerial imagery products.

TerrAvion + Ninja Ag

The ninja ag enhanced NDVI imagery is based of TerrAvion high-resolution imageryNinja Ag utilizes TerrAvion's high-resolution NDVI data to provide nitrogen recommendations, but their approach involves much more than making imagery-based prescription maps. Ninja Ag’s process involves refining TerrAvion’s data to derive advanced nutrient insights capable of uncovering more opportunities to increase yield and return on investment (ROI) through more efficient nutrient management. Like TerrAvion, Ninja Ag advises that yield data alone isn’t an accurate predictor of current nitrogen needs. As nitrogen demand constantly fluctuates, Ninja Ag incorporates current yield potential and ROI insights based on in-season data into their recommendations. Ninja Ag starts with aerial imagery provided by TerrAvion and then collects site-specific vigor data points using a handheld sensor, a Greenseeker, to fine-tune management zones. The data points where Ninja Ag collects NDVI data are part of their N-Rich Strip program, the cornerstone to Ninja Ag’s method. These N-Rich test strips are made in a field based on historical yield data and aerial imagery. Test strips receive a non-limiting rate of nitrogen. Their response to this application will indicate the current yield potential in those zones. Ninja Ag measures the performance of test strips with the Greenseeker. NDVI readings of these strips, whether by aerial imagery of the Greenseeker, are then processed by Ninja Ag to calculate yield potential for every part of the field. Based on this information, Ninja Ag then delivers its customers some of the most accurate and profitable recommendations in the industry. Each Ninja Ag nitrogen recommendation order also comes with a yield potential and ROI map and white-label report. Ninja Ag delivers their enhanced imagery, processed with their peer-reviewed, research-backed agronomic methodologies and analyses, in their online platform. 

About Ninja Ag

Ninja Ag was founded by precision agriculture industry professionals based out of Oklahoma and Kansas. It uses peer-reviewed, publicly accessible methodologies developed by land grant institution researchers, relying on proven, impactful tools, and not theories. Ninja Ag’s solutions originated from concepts and algorithms that were developed by land grant universities and private industry research, which spans back to the mid 1990s. Research has proven that by implementing these approaches growers can see increased profits of more than $10 per acre in wheat and $20 per acre in corn.

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