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  • Jan 21
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TerrAvion named to 20 Agriculture Apps You Should Know in 2020 List

TerrAvion was recently recognized by CropLife.com on its “20 Agriculture Apps You Should Know in 2020 and Beyond” list. The list was compiled by Matt Hopkins, the Senior Online Editor for CropLife and the Agribusiness Group at Meister Media Worldwide (MMW), which includes such brands as, CropLife IRON, AgriBusiness Global, PrecisionAg, and Cotton Grower. The best agricultural apps list recognized not only new apps but also updated apps with new features and improvements. We thank CropLife and Mr. Hopkins for recognizing the hard and fruitful work of our product team. We iphone tL 2would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers of what makes TerrAvion Mobile one of the top agricultural apps for 2020 and beyond.

Precise, high-quality data

The #1 thing that we attribute to the success of the TerrAvion Mobile app is not the app itself, but the imagery our users access through the app. TerrAvion Mobile users with subscription services in North America get weekly 10 cm infrared, NDVI, color, and thermal imagery. Having this powerful data available on a fast, practical, and highly-functional mobile app keeps growers and agronomists in a position to make timely, accurate, and profitable decisions throughout a growing season. 


One of the primary objectives for the TerrAvion product team in developing TerrAvion Mobile was to build an app that was quick and responsive. TerrAvion high-resolution imagery files are very large. In fact, TerrAvion collects multiple terabytes of data each day, a sizable amount of data by any standard. The TerrAvion product team was presented with the challenge of delivering this data to our users in a way that allowed them to access it with minimal loading lag time. They achieved this by designing TerrAvion Mobile to download and save field data locally on a mobile device upon login. Downloading field data (field boundaries, names, etc.) locally makes the process of loading image tiles exponentially faster. The large image tiles can be downloaded for offline use, allowing users to access their imagery even when they do not have a data connection.

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TerrAvion mobile is equipped with convenient tools and features designed to help users optimize their scouting operations.

  • The full menu of data layers found in the TerrAvion OverView web app is now available in TerrAvion Mobile.

  • A GPS beacon will tell you exactly where you are in relation to your imagery when you’re scouting your fields, allowing you to navigate to the exact location of a potential issue you’ve identified in your imagery beforehand. 

  • Download imagery for offline use when you expect to be in an area with a poor data connection.

  • Drop a pin at your GPS location, attach geotagged scouting notes and photos.

  • Sync scouting notes made on TerrAvion Mobile to your desktop TerraVion OverView account. 

  • Choose from a number of filters to organize and prioritize imagery.

Click here for more information on TerrAvion Mobile tools and features.

Congratulations to our partners Farm Dog, Climate FieldView, Proagrica, and FieldX for their inclusion on the list, and to FarmLogs for being recognized as an honorable mention. For more information on TerrAvion services, products, and apps, please complete the form below. 


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