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    • Jun 09
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    TerrAvion + FluroSense: permanent crop management

    The TerrAvion + FluroSat partnership offers TerrAvion permanent crop growers a cutting-edge analytics solution to pair with their high-resolution TerrAvion imagery. TerrAvion provides some of the highest-quality aerial imagery for agriculture on the market. While TerrAvion delivers ready to use, high-quality imagery data as a finished product, made available in our free apps, each TerrAvion image contains data that can be further processed and analyzed to gain telling crop health insights. FluroSat’s crop analytics platform, FluroSense, uses TerrAvion’s high-resolution imagery to produce crop health insights on an individual plant level.

    Optimized for permanent crops

    Individual tree level analytics makes the FluroSense platform optimized for permanent, high-value crop management. Generally, permanent crops are of higher value and require more attention than commodity crops. For this reason, being able to zoom into the individual plant is needed to create value and insights for high-value, permanent crops, and to be able to do so you need high-resolution imagery and an analytics program such as FluroSense.

    One issue with analyzing crop health imagery data on an individual plant level is differentiating the crop from weeds, cover crop, or soil data. FluroSense “denoises” TerrAvion imagery so that growers can make a distinction between signals from their trees or vines and soil or cover crop information. FluroSense algorithms detect individual trees in TerAvion imagery and evaluate biomass and chlorophyll levels on a per-tree basis. The platform provides tree performance analysis that shows the detail of how the tree has performed over time. These analyses can be done on a per-tree level or on an entire block. This information makes it easy for growers to determine the best management plan for their crop, enabling them to maximize the full yield potential for each individual tree. Furthermore, poorly performing trees can be automatically located, and the locations can be immediately used (in-app or exported) for further scouting.

    Nutrient insights

    FluroSense uses TerrAvion's diverse spectral bands to generate indices like Canopy Chlorophyll Content Index (CCCI) and Normalized Difference Red Edge (NDRE) maps for fields. These two indexes correlate to nitrogen levels in a plant and provide more comprehensive nutrient insights than are available through NDVI alone. This information provided on a per-tree basis can help growers unlock the full yield potential of their crop. These cutting edge nutrient analytics provided on an individual plant basis makes FluroSense an excellent analytics solution for permanent crop growers looking to increase their profits.

    See how it works

    FluroSense time-series tree performance analysis of blocks and individual trees.
    FluroSense time-series tree performance analysis of blocks and individual trees.

    The image to the right shows an avocado orchard, with various selected blocks and specific trees selected. The graphs on the right side of the image show the various indexes, CCCI, NDVI, or DNRE, either as an average per selected block (thick line) or per selected tree (thin line) over time. These graphs are particularly useful to compare optimal growth and plant performance with the blocks/tree where the growth might be retarded.

    The difference between the indexes will give a clear indication of the nature of the stress and the opportunity to manage it. 
    The change in plant performance is first indicated in CCCI (chlorophyll index), and at this stage, it is still amendable. When the stress significantly changes plant growth pattern, this becomes visible in a biomass index, such as NDVI, which indicates that the issue was not detected at the optimal treatment time.


    For more information on the TerrAvion + FluroSat partnership, please fill in the form below and we will be in contact soon.

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