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    TerrAvion + FluroSense: nitrogen management

    A growing number of TerrAvion customers are using imagery for guided nutrient programs with success, reporting net profits of over $10/acre by running these imagery-guided variable rate nutrient programs instead of blanket rate applications. While growers can make NDVI management zone maps for variable rate nutrient applications right in the TerrAvion OverView web interface, TerrAvion also offers a more comprehensive analytics solution through our partner FluroSat which focuses on optimizing nitrogen applications. Together, TerrAvion and FluroSat offer one of the most advanced and effective nitrogen management solutions on the market.

    Imagery-guided nutrient applications

    Growers have traditionally relied on two forms of field data to guide their nutrient applications; yield and soil data. Yield data tells us how a field TerrAvion yield map comparison performed in the past and, along with soil data, can help us predict how a field will perform in the future. Growers will essentially make decisions on where to place nutrients based on how their field performed in the past. But yield data doesn't account for changes in a field that take place from the time that the yield data was collected until it is time to act on it. Things such as crop residue leftover from harvest or significant weather events can alter yield zones. TerrAvion high-resolution imagery, with an average turnover time of 11.2 hours from the time it is captured until it is delivered to your account, provides a real-time indicator of where your crops are performing well and where they are struggling as of yesterday. Incorporating this information into your nitrogen prescriptions can help you capitalize on every bit of potential of your high performing zones while saving resources that might be lost if applied to low performing zones.

    While TerrAvion focuses on capturing high-resolution imagery data and providing it at the lowest possible cost, our partnership with FluroSat offers our customers a crop analytics solution that can further unlock the potential of their imagery to increase their profits. 

    TerrAvion + FluroSense for nitrogen management

    The TerrAvion + FluroSat integration provides an advanced analytics solution for growers and agronomists who want to get more out of their imagery data. TerrAvion imagery by itself is more than just a pretty picture. Each image contains data that can be further processed and analyzed to gain telling 5. Adjust N Rx settings (if required) (1)crop health insights in FluroSense, the FluroSat platform. Further analysis of this data can reveal more opportunities to increase yields and profits. FluroSense uses TerrAvion's diverse spectral bands to generate indices like Canop Chlorophyll Content Index (CCCI) and Normalized Difference Red Edge (NDRE) maps for fields. These two indexes correlate to nitrogen levels in a plant.  Flurosense generates models for specific commodity crops that allows them to make N maps without tissue sampling, but also accommodates customers who want to incorporate tissue sampling into their nitrogen recommendations. If customers want to have their own calibrations, the Flurosense algorithms will suggest where to take samples and help them extrapolate the results across the similar soil types on their farm. By calibrating tissue sample results from the most representative areas of the field to crop type and growth stage, FluroSense identifies areas of nitrogen deficiency, sufficiency, and surplus and generates management zone maps designed specifically for nitrogen applications.

    Using FluroSense management zones and recommended tissue sampling schemes results in field-wide accurate nitrogen recommendations as opposed to the more approximate estimations of traditional field scouting and sampling. More accurate nitrogen maps ensure that you are truly maximizing the potential of your crop and realizing the highest possible return on each pound of nitrogen that you put down.

    FluroSense’s unique analysis has been successfully used to optimize nitrogen application on cotton and grain crops and is rapidly expanding to others including vegetables. With TerrAvion imagery and FluroSense analytics, you can be sure that you are applying nitrogen to the right place at the right time to achieve the best yield possible. For more information, please fill in the form below:

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