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  • Mar 15
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TerrAvion + Climate Fieldview

Did you know that TerrAvion is an aerial imagery partner of Climate Corp? One of the first on a now long list of farm management platforms that TerrAvion has integrated with, TerrAvion imagery has been available as an add on service in the Climate FieldView platform since 2017.

Climate FieldView

Climate FieldViewClimate FieldView is a farm management platform that provides growers with an integrated suite of digital tools, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of their fields and enabling them to make more informed operating decisions to optimize yields, maximize efficiency, and reduce risk. FieldView helps growers collect and store crucial field data, allowing them to make data-driven decisions to maximize their return on every dollar they invest in their operations.

How FieldView and TerrAvion work together

TerrAvion and Climate FieldViewGrowers use FieldView to manage all of their farm data in one place, and crop imagery is an essential piece of farm data for any modern agronomy program. When growers are making operations and management decisions, they have a significant advantage if they know precisely what is happening in their fields at the current moment. Yield data provided at the end of the season can’t offer that, and neither can soil data. Satellite imagery may be timely but does not have the resolution needed for growers to rely on to inform their management decisions. Drone imagery is detailed enough but is far too expensive to use for weekly crop monitoring. That leaves aerial imagery captured from crewed aircraft, such as that offered by TerrAvion, which is cost-effective and precise.

Issue detection and Crop Scouting

Random scouting is inefficient and outdated. Relying on random scouting to turn up issues in your fields is a matter of luck. TerrAvion imagery provides growers with a real-time crop health image that tells them exactly where the problem areas are in their crops at that current moment. Growers can view their TerrAvion imagery in their FieldView mobile app when they are scouting their fields, allowing them to direct their attention to the areas that require it while saving time wasted on the areas that don't.

Data-Backed Management Decisions

FieldView provides growers with the tools to store and evaluate data as they work to build an effective management plan for their farm. One of the most import parts of a farm management plan is determining what inputs need to go where, and at what rate. For growers to assess where their inputs are going to be most effective, they need to have a comprehensive understanding of their current field conditions. TerrAvion imagery provides growers with just that; a high-resolution image of precisely where their fields are thriving and where they are lagging. Multiple image layers, including NDVI and thermal layers, give farmers added context to help them better understand what is contributing to crop health in their fields. This information can help growers be precise in applying their inputs to the exact locations and at the correct rates where they will be most effective, allowing them to realize the highest possible return on investment.

Product Evaluation

Climate CFVPro Nitrogen AdvisorTogether, TerrAvion and FieldView offer growers the tools they need to monitor and measure the impact of their agronomic decisions. TerrAvion imagery helps growers evaluate the performance of any crop they plant or input applied throughout the season. While yield data provides the end result of a crops performance, imagery can tell the story of what led to that result. This information is vital for determining a profitable management plan for the following year, and having all of this data in one place allows growers to streamline that process.

Together, Climate and TerrAvion offer an affordable precision ag package that provides growers with the tools and data they need to run a modern agronomy program. U.S. growers are dealing with historically low crop margins, and they need every advantage they can get to survive. Together, TerrAvion and Climate give them that advantage.

To find out if TerrAvion imagery is available in your region, click here. For more information on a Climate + TerrAvion precision ag package, check out this page



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