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  • Jun 04
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TerrAvion data enables stand counts through Agremo

Agremo has partnered with TerrAvion aerial imagery so growers can perform stand count and other analytics when needed based on affordable image dataTerrAvion’s high-resolution imagery data that powers digital agronomy is excited to announce that its data now lets growers do stand counts on corn, soybean, and other analytics on the Agremo platform. The ability to use TerrAvion's cost-effective imagery for stand counts with a high confidence rate, enables farmers to know exactly what is going on in their whole field versus the traditional way of stand counts by spot-checking. This option will bring digital agronomy to the next level for many growers across the USA.

accurate stand count for corn based on TerrAvion aerial imagery by Agremo'Many of our customers have been asking for accurate stand count options for their fields or trees,' says Steven Son, Regional Vice President at TerrAvion, We are very excited that our imagery data provides the needed detail to power a broad range of Agremo analysis. Their outstanding capabilities based on our economical high-resolution imagery data are just in time to take advantage of in the 2020 growing season.'

'To be able to do accurate stand count in corn and soybeans, based on affordable TerrAvion imagery shows the quality of their data', says Maja Brac, Head of Sales at Agremo, 'We are very pleased that our analysis can be provided to TerrAvion customers to advance their digital agronomy.'

Read more about the TerrAvion + Agremo partnership

A successfully performed stand count will help growers get an accurate and thorough picture of the seeds that have developed into healthy plants, and provide insights about areas with potential crop loss caused by planting, insects, diseases, or environmental conditions. If this information is provided in time, farmers can intervene and even enhance crop yield potential. The analysis can be used as the basis for important decision-making and provides value for future optimization. By collecting a few years' worth of plant stand data and cross-referencing it with seeding rates and yield for each field, growers can determine their own most economic target stands.

accurate population count for Christmas trees based on TerrAvion aerial imagery by AgremoBesides plant/stand count services, Agremo delivers other analytical reports based on TerrAvion imagery such as:

  • Crop stress
  • Weed analysis
  • Waterlogging
  • Nitrogen status

The Agremo analyses are an on-demand service that can be added to your TerrAvion imagery subscription as needed.

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