TerrAvion Feb 06 4 min

Field imagery more than just a pretty picture

Country Guide recently published an article by their Production Editor, Ralph Pearce, titled "Field imagery much more just a pretty picture." In the article, Country Guide interviewed several ag professionals who specialize in precision agriculture and asked for their thoughts on the current...

TerrAvion Nov 26 2 min

TerrAvion future capabilities: red edge

For 2020, TerrAvion will be providing services with new and improved product specifications and operational improvements designed to increase our reliability while delivering more images. While we are focused on exceeding the expectations of our customers with our current product offering for...

TerrAvion Nov 08 2 min

Solar sun angle for aerial imagery capture

For aerial imagery providers like TerrAvion, certain elements are essential for successful image capture. One necessary component is good weather/flight conditions, a topic that was discussed in our recent blog post ‘Weather and atmospheric effects - challenges for aerial imagery capture‘. A...

TerrAvion Nov 01 2 min

2020 Flight Schedule Changes

For the 2020 growing season, TerrAvion will be offering enhanced aerial imagery subscription services. In addition to serving a new menu of imagery products and our highest resolution imagery to date, TerrAvion will also be rolling out redesigned flight schedules for all regions.

TerrAvion Oct 15 3 min

Weather and atmospheric effects - challenges for aerial imagery capture

Weather conditions present an ongoing challenge for all aerial imagery providers, whether they are providing imagery from crewed aircraft, drones, or satellites. Imagery suppliers who fly crewed aircraft, such as TerrAvion, have an advantage over satellite providers in that we can design and...

TerrAvion Aug 21 2 min

Centralize your operations with TerrAvion

Managing a farm often involves multiple entities that are responsible for, either individually or collectively, various parts of farm operations. Many growers have farm hands that help manage their farm and additionally also work with agronomists, crop consultants, retailers, and other...