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  • Mar 24
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Solutions for working in a challenging growing season

The rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 has brought recommendations for social distancing, reduced travel, avoiding crowds, and ag-retailers limiting hours or even closing stores. But as the United States government has designated agriculture to be a critical part of the economy, making the most of the 2020 growing season is more important than ever. TerrAvion will be operating as planned, on schedule, as we believe the support provided by our weekly imagery services is even more essential to success. Here is how a high-resolution imagery subscription during the growing season can help you make the most of what 2020 has to offer.

Social distancing

TerrAvion OverView pdf generator lets you create reports that can easily be shared digitallyThe TerrAvion OverView platform is a great tool to communicate within a team to bring attention to issues in the field. From tracking areas that are underperforming to creating reports that can be shared digitally, TerrAvion Overview will help to keep everybody on the same page without having to meet face-to-face.

Inputs efficacy

COVID-19 might disrupt the supply chain, so optimizing your inputs and maximizing their effectiveness this season is of utmost importance. Frequent imagery deliveries during the growing season makes sure you do not spend money on inputs unnecessarily and creates the most return on your investment. TerrAvion high-resolution imagery enables you to make inputs more effective through VR fertilizer maps based on the current vigor data in your fields. If you are fighting weeds or pests, spray your inputs at the right amount at the right place, with up-to-date high-resolution image bands. TerrAvion vigor maps show you where your fields need attention before you can see it with your bare eyes. And after applying the inputs, you can see the results of your effort before harvest time.

Precise variable rate maps are possible with TerrAvion high-resolution imageryTime management

Even if the general population infection rate remains relatively low, some workers likely end up sick. But, perhaps more importantly, it is highly likely that people will need to stay home with school closures or care for sick or elderly family members. If your employees can manage fields from their home through the OverView platform or any of the many partner platforms that TerrAvion imagery is integrated with, it could mean that they are actually available to do their job while being at home.

In case your employees are sick and cannot come to work, TerrAvion imagery will show you which field needs attention now and which do not, allowing you to focus on the areas that need care.

TerrAvion flight schedules are ongoing and helping agronomists and growers manage fields optimally during these challenging times Please keep informed, listen to the experts, and follow the recommendations of federal, state, and local agencies and authorities. Have a plan and make sure that you know what is going on in your fields at any time.

If you want to be prepared in these challenging times, learn more about how TerrAvion subscription imagery can help. Complete the form below or talk to your local sales representative: