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  • Apr 15
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TerrAvion + Skymatics

TerrAvion and Skymatics PartnershipTerrAvion is now offering a new analytics solution to our customers through a partnership with Skymatics! Skymatics uses TerrAvion's imagery data in SkyClaim, their crop damage analysis tool. Skymatics is a bridge between images and information, providing customers timely information to help them make profitable decisions in all aspects of their operations. SkyClaim is  focused on adding value to the crop insurance process for growers and insurers, providing them with a collaborative solution for the assessment and resolution of crop insurance claims.


SkyClaim is an automated system that classifies and quantifies crop loss using high-resolution aerial imagery traditionally captured by UAV's. SkyclaimWith the new partnership with TerrAvion, customers can subscribe to weekly capture of field imagery over the growing season or for one off events. SkyClaim helps simplify the process of filing insurance claims for growers while providing insurance providers with a standardized system for processing claims. Combining TerrAvion's best-in-class imagery with the Skymatic's cutting edge analytics, Skymatics offers growers and insurers one of the most accurate and efficient crop loss analysis solutions on the market.

SkyClaim for growers

SkyClaim provides growers a simple solution to the insurance claims process. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning provide the most accurate way to assess damages. This gives growers the peace of mind that their crop damage is being accurately quantified and that they are receiving fair compensation. SkyClaim can significantly reduce the time it takes for insurance adjusters to visit and adjust a grower’s fields, allowing them to receive faster compensation for damages. With an automated process, growers are also able to salvage damaged fields faster.

SkyClaim for insurance providers

SkyClaim offers insurance providers an automated and streamlined system for handling a damage claims process that is constantly prone to delays due to weather and unsafe conditions. SkyClaim can help insurance providers lower their operational costs while enabling them to cover more acres and increase their estimation accuracy. Skymatics customers can use SkyClaim to produce visually-rich, digital records that provide actionable information.

TerrAvion is proud to have our imagery used in the analytics and crop loss solutions provided by Skymatics.

For more information on Skymatics, please visit www.skymatics.com or www.skyclaim.io to learn more about their SkyClaim system. For more information on TerrAvion aerial imagery please contact support@terravion.com.