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Seeing improvements in soil health

Every farmer knows that soil is a living resource. And the awareness that good soil health contributes to improved responses to inputs and crop yield is growing as well. One of TerrAvion dealers, Continuum Ag, has been focusing on soil health management for several years, helping their customers improve and take advantage of the benefits of soil health. While working with many growers over the years, and farming themselves, Continuum Ag realized that an integrated system to reap all the value from good soil health was missing. Therefore, they built a Soil Health Management System called TopSoil, which enables the whole food chain, from farmer to consumer, to take advantage of all the knowledge and information that is available and create a sustainable supply chain.

Pansharpened Thermal Mega Trail Topsoil

TerrAvion's Pansharpened Thermal image data from the Mega Trail field correlates well to the Soil type and pH data of the field (see below).


The TopSoil platform is connected with the world's leading labs and tech companies to help provide direction and freedom for making agronomic decisions for farmers and their farm advisors. The platform is capable of connecting with any agronomic tools in real-time, and you can register for a free account. We are excited that TerrAvion high-resolution subscription imagery is part of the TopSoil tool.soil zone Mega Trial

TopSoil platform showing the soil zone map for the Mega Trial field

How does imagery contribute to soil health?

TerrAvion subscription aerial imagery provides a continuous data source that visualizes what happens on the field and shows the results of decisions made during the season. Having current image data on top of soil type, soil nutrients, and the in-season treatments, creates a useful management tool. Subscription imagery helps you connect the various locations on your field, so your analytic data can be extrapolated to all acres providing extra value during the growing season. Subscription imagery helps you tell each field's story over the whole growing season and forms an excellent basis for next year's decisions.pH Mega Trail Topsoil. 1900*771

TopSoil platform showing the pH value of the Mega Trial field

The 2020 Mega Trial_Im excited to work with TerrAvion as they deliver high-value tech to provide an early lagging indicator to soil issues identified by our RightWay Soil Health program, yet a leading indicator to harvest yield. We ar (1)

Continuum Ag is doing a Mega Trial on 80 acres of a 160 acre this year to show a systems approach to building soil health. This trial has 16 unique starter treatments, and all replicated three times. The images in this blog post are from planting time, so they are showing the impact of the cover crop and not that of the 2020 corn yet. The various treatments are being monitored via TerrAvion imagery during the season. Even at the beginning of the 2020 season, the pH and the soil type map show a strong correlation with the TerrAvion Pansharpened Thermal map.

TerrAvion is excited to be part of Continuum Ag's Topsoil to support the soil health conversation and improve profitability and sustainability for growers.

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