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  • May 26
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Product update: OverView and mobile app updates - May 2020

We are excited to share the latest updates in TerrAvion OverView and TerrAvion Mobile.

Pansharpened Thermal

Pansharpened thermal UC Davis research ranch  showing less than 10 cm per pix structural data enabling a detailed view of your thermal data in your fieldAs of 2020, TerrAvion is offering an additional image layer, the Pansharpened Thermal. It is a combination of our already outstanding thermal data combined with our Near-Infrared bands to give a less than 10 cm structural data thermal band. This new image layer gives exciting spatial/structural insight and detail that could not been seen before. However, the Pansharpened thermal should not be relied upon for accurate temperature information at a specific spot on the field. The Thermal band provides that information.

The Pansharpened Thermal is visible in image data starting in 2020. It is available both in OverView and in TerrAvion Mobile. There are now eight imagery bands included in your TerrAvion imagery for the same price.

More information about the new Pansharpened Thermal can be found here. To be able to see the latest improvements in TerrAvion Mobile, update to the latest version. The mobile app is availabe in both the Apple and Google app store.

Canopy vigor is a band that shows the vigor at the level of the canopy ignoring the soil data, suitable for permanent crops like trees, vines, and bushesNew name for Zoning: Canopy Vigor

You might have noticed that the zoning band is no longer listed as one of the eight bands. The name ‘Zoning’ created confusion as it was often thought of as a zoning map like the ones that can be created in TerrAvion OverView based on the Vigor or Thermal data. To give better clarity, we have renamed the ‘Zoning’ map to ‘Canopy Vigor’ which reflects what that imagery band shows. It is a measurement for the vigor at canopy level and is designed for permanent crops like trees, vines, and bushes.


Flight Status Dashboard overhaul

With our new operational model in 2020 focused on weekly flight cycles, our Flight Status Dashboard got a fresh overhaul as well. It is much more simplified and easier to use. One of the great ways to use the Flight Status dashboard is to check in the morning to see if your fields are on the actual route that day. If you want to test your irrigation system or any other activity, there is a big chance that we will fly over your field capturing imagery.

Just one note, the fact that your field is ‘attempting - on route’ or even ‘attempting- processing’ is no guarantee for successful image delivery in your account. Read all the details about the improved Flight Status Dashboard here.

TerrAvion Flight Status Dashboard gives insight in where your imagery is in our flight capture cycles

Pin drop

Last year we introduced the capability to drop a pin in TerrAvion Mobile, attach a note, and a picture and it would show up in TerrAvion OverView. It was not always clear how you could make those pins visible or have them disappear in your web browser. The pin button in OverView now has a blue color when pins can be seen and white when they are not visible on the field.

Screen Recording 2020-05-25 at 5.01.44 PM

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