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Product update: OverView and mobile app updates - June 2019

The TerrAvion engineering team has been hard at work, continuing to develop and optimize our mobile and web apps for our customers. Keep reading to learn more about our product updates for the month of June 2019. These updates are in addition to the recently released inbox and analytics view feature updates for OverView.

June mobile app updates

Synthetic Color layer

The new Synthetic Color layer can now be viewed in the mobile app! The Synthetic Color layer is a new product this year that combines our natural color imagery with higher-resolution CIR imagery. The result of this combined product is a higher resolution color image. For more information on the TerrAvion mobile app updatesnew imagery products for 2019, click here.

Standard vigor

Up to this point, the dynamic vigor layer has been the only NDVI product in the TerrAvion mobile app. That is no longer the case as the standard vigor layer is now available in the mobile app. The standard vigor layer maintains a fixed color scale as you cycle through your imagery, meaning that the same colors will always represent the same NDVI values for all of your image dates. The standard layer is an excellent tool for monitoring temporal changes in your NDVI imagery through the season while the dynamic vigor layer is better for pulling out the greatest detail in any individual field at a particular date. Both vigor layers are now available in our mobile app.

Thermal + NDVI color legend

While building so many sophisticated features and tools for our new mobile app, some more simple functions, such as a color legend for thermal and NDVI layers, got overlooked. We have corrected this omission by adding a new color legend for all NDVI and thermal products.

Distance-based map navigation

In the previous version of our new mobile app, the app loaded farms and fields by farmer only. This prevented users from freely navigating their acres by panning around the screen and forced them to use search filters to find their fields. Now, once any map is loaded, the TerrAvion app will load all nearby maps that the user can then click on to view instead of having to go to the farm and field list.

As always, when you are updating to the latest mobile app version, it is best to uninstall and reinstall the mobile app.

OverView updates

GeoTIFF download improvement

TerrAvion engineers have added a new downloads dashboard for users who frequently download GeoTIFF files of their imagery. Previously, TerrAvion users reported that larger GeoTIFF downloads would time out before the download was complete. Users also reported having a hard time locating their downloaded fields. The new downloads dashboard hosts and organizes all GeoTIFF downloads within the dashboard, allowing files to fully download and making it easy for users to manage their downloads. The downloads dashboard can be accessed from the Dashboards drop-down menu in OverView. 


Two features have been added to the OverView timeline. The first is a year filter. You can now change the year right on the timeline instead of having to go back to the farm/field index every time you want to look at imagery from a different year.

TerrAivon timeline updates

The second new timeline feature shows the upcoming flight cycles in grey boxes and the current flight cycle. If you hover over grey boxes, you will see the flight cycle dates for upcoming cycles and for current cycles if your imagery has not yet been delivered for that cycle. If you have received your data for that cycle, it will show the delivery date for the images in the current cycle. Remember, TerrAvion operates around flight cycles. While we always aim to deliver imagery at consistent intervals, we technically have until the last day of a flight cycle to fly your fields if weather or other issues prevent us from flying as planned. If you have not received your imagery by the end of the first day of the new flight cycle, contact support@terravion.com.

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