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    • Jun 13
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    Product update: introducing Inbox

    The new TerrAvion Inbox allows TerrAvion users to view and sort their imagery based on things that they determine are important. Sorting through imagery can be a complex task for users that are managing multiple farms and a large number of acres. The inbox alleviates some of this confusion by allowing you to sort imagery based on how recent it was delivered, whether or not you have seen it yet, fields that you have marked as important, and other field information. In the near future, the TerrAvion team will be adding even more advanced ways to sort your imagery than what is discussed below.TerrAvion Inbox feature

    Recent image deliveries

    When users with multiple farms in their account login, they may have some recent imagery for one of their farms but still be waiting on data for others. Instead of trying to figure out which fields have current deliveries, users can now open the Inbox feature and, without applying a filter, will automatically see a list of their most recent image deliveries.

    Unseen imagery

    When some time has passed between logins, a user may have multiple weeks of imagery in their OverView account that they have not yet seen. Inbox lets you know which images you have and have not seen. Inbox can be filtered to show only unread imagery so you can easily view only those images that you have not seen. Once you click on an unread field, the field will disappear from the unread queue. Inbox ensures that all of your imagery is being monitored, and nothing is slipping through the cracks.

    Field details

    If you are a user managing multiple grower accounts, you may want to pull up only data for one of your growers. Inbox allows you to sort your imagery by agronomist, farmer, and farm, in addition to the order or plan for the imagery. This makes it easy for an agronomist or consultant to pull up a particular customer's fields when he is focused only on that individual customer.

    Starred fields

    TerrAvion inbox featureIn Inbox, users can star various fields that they want to keep an eye on, and then sort all of their fields to list only the ones they have singled out. A user may star, for example, fields that show signs of pest or disease pressure. When the user logs back into his account the next time, Inbox will give an easy way to look at all of the fields marked as high risk before moving on to the rest of his imagery.  Addb you are interested in might change throughout the season, removing and adding fields to your starred queue is simple. So it is easy to stay focused at different points throughout the season.

    These are the filters available now for the release of the new Inbox. The TerrAvion team will be adding many more features to this tool in the near future, including filters for statistical variation, issue detection, and more. Stay tuned for more updates. For questions about Inbox, sent an email to support@terravion.com. If you are interested to learn more how TerrAvion imagery works for your business, fill in the form below:

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