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    • Jun 18
    • 1 min read

    Product update: Analytics View feature

    The TerrAvion Analytics View feature is a comparison tool that allows you to compare two different images of a single field. The Analytics View feature helps you see changes in your field from week to week and compare different image types to see how they correlate to each other. Comparing your imagery in this way can help you gain insight into what is happening in your fields and why.

    TerrAvion customers can access the Analytics View tool from the 'more' menu at the bottom of their OverView screen. Once opened, users can select two separate images to compare. Compare imagery captured on different dates to see how your field has changed in that time. Compare different map layers to understand how one map layer correlates to another. Viewing your imagery in this way gives you a different perspective of your field and can help you make connections between the information that each image is providing. For instance, compare your NDVI imagery to your thermal imagery to see how moisture might be contributing to crop vigor in your fields.


    Users can choose from two ways to view their comparison; a side by side view or a split view. The side by side view simply puts your two images of choice right next to each other. When you pan around one image, the other side will mirror your actions. The split view displays your field as one image. Control which layer is displayed by dragging a sliding bar across the screen. 

    For more information on how to use the Analytics View feature step-by-step, click here. 

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