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  • Feb 25
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Preparing for the 2020 growing season

As the 2020 growing season begins, there are a couple of tips that will help you get the most out of your imagery this year. Our integrated partners, the TerrAvion Mobile app, and our product features will make it easier for you to edit, share, and access your imagery on the go and give your precision agronomy a boost. 

TerrAvion + Partners

TerrAvion has added new integrated partners for the 2020 season and will continue to do so! It is now easier than ever to integrate your imagery into your operations and farm management software of choice. The latest integrated partner is Ninja Ag, who delivers fertilization advice based on calibrated TerrAvion NDVI imagery amongst others. Visit our Partner Page for more information and a full list of our integrated partners and compatible apps.

The capabilities of our partner apps include:

  • Fertility Recommendations
  • Fungicide and Herbicide Recommendation and Validation
  • Insurance Claims and Risk Underwriting
  • Scouting and IPM
  • Variable Rate Application
  • Specialty Tasks
  • Irrigation alerts

Talk to your TerrAvion rep if you would like help turning your imagery subscription into a specific solution with partner analytics and software.

The latest image layers The Pan-sharpened thermal offers row level resolution on each field allowing to pinpoint irrigation issues accurately

TerrAvion's latest imagery layers for the 2020 season are our best additions! The new Pansharpened Thermal map layer will offer a row-level view of the thermal data on your field while the Synthetic Color image layer has a resolution below 10 cm/pixel. As with all of our imagery products, these additional map layers are included in our standard product offering for free. Click here for more information on the new TerrAvion data and operations enhancements for 2020.


Sharing your TerrAvion high-resolution imagery is easier than ever.Sharing your imagery is now easier than ever! No more sharing with one person at a time, you can now select many fields and share with multiple people with one click. Share your imagery with your entire team for no added cost. For more information on the new sharing feature, click here.

Mobile app and OverView tutorials

Have you seen TerrAvion Mobile? Need a refresher on how to navigate our OverView platform before the season starts? We’ve got you covered. Check out the two videos below to get familiar with the TerrAvion apps before your imagery season begins. Or sign up for our free weekly webinar. Want to read more? Click here for additional information on TerrAvion Mobile, and here for more information on the TerrAvion OverView web interface.

TerrAvion OverView tutorial video

Navigatng OverView + Sharing


TerrAvion Mobile tutorial video

New Mobile App 20191


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