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Partnering with TerrAvion through our API: part one

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TerrAvion is the largest aerial imagery provider for agriculture in the United States. We strongly believe that our functional frequency, high-quality data, timely deliveries, and affordability make us an ideal data solution for potential agricultural software integration partners. As a "passive" API integration partner, we'll integrate with just about anyone. Below is some information on the benefits of partnering with TerrAvion through our API, the types of APIs we offer, and how to become an integrated partner.

Partnering with TerrAvion through our API 

TerrAvion is a great data partner for all agricultural technology companies because we are the only company that can offer three things crucial to the success of any agronomy program that depends on aerial imagery as a crop monitoring solution. These are high-quality data, timely, reliable, and frequent deliveries, and a cost-effective price tag. 

High-quality data

While satellite imagery is one of the most widely used types of aerial imagery for agriculture, it is flawed in that it doesn't provide adequate resolution or detail to inform precision decisions. The quality of data powering any agriculture service or app will directly impact the success of that agronomy program. With low-resolution imagery, subtle signs of crop stress go undetected and are not scouted or addressed, resulting in loss of yield. Fertility, seeding, fungicide, pesticide, and herbicide recommendations aren't as efficient or effective. TerrAvion also provides high-resolution thermal imagery, which isn't offered by satellite providers. Without thermal imagery, irrigation and drainage issues can go undetected for an entire season. 

thermTiming, frequency, and dependability

Image resolution only matters if the imagery is being delivered frequently (weekly) and in a timely manner. If images are only being delivered a handful of times at inopportune points throughout the season, many time-sensitive opportunities to capitalize on small margins or limit loss of yield are lost. Drones are an example of an imagery service that doesn't provide data frequently enough to be relied on as a crop monitoring solution. In addition to frequent deliveries, we also offer overnight processing. Overnight deliveries mean our customers and partners receive their data while it still accurately represents the current health of their fields. TerrAvion's aerial fleet also can work around the weather, something that satellites are unable to do. This means we can deliver quality imagery dependable at a more consistent rate than satellites. 


For most growers, cost and their ability to realize an ROI will determine whether or not they will incorporate high-resolution aerial imagery into their operations. TerrAvion provides imagery at a price that is affordable to growers. When considering data quality and the number of images received throughout a season (13 on average from TerrAvion), you'll find that TerrAvion is the only aerial imagery provider that checks all of the boxes of what is required for a modern agronomy program. 

How does my company become a TerrAvion platform partner?

We would love to work with you. To get started, prospective partners will first need to sign our Master License Agreement. There is no cost to get a developer account on the platform, but we do require that the Master License Agreement is signed. From here, we can provide you with sample data and code. Once you are ready for the next steps, talk to your TerrAvion representative, who will connect you with our product experts to help you complete your integration. You can read more information here. Or complete the form below to get started.

For more information on becoming an integrated partner with TerrAvion, check out our recent blog post, Develop with TerrAvion data. For additional information, complete the form below and stay tuned for a follow-up post with details on how to obtain TerrAvion data, what types of data can be sent and received, and the type support we offer to our integrated partners.

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