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  • Oct 10
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Develop with TerrAvion data

TerrAvion is a proud partner to many great agricultural technology companies. We are thrilled to offer our cloud-based data service to enable them to develop precision agricultural services. We are also very proud of who we are; the largest volume subscription aerial imagery for agriculture provider in the United States. Farm data is increasingly becoming a fundamental part of successful agronomy programs. And TerrAvion provides some of the highest quality, lowest cost image data on the market. Our open API is one of the reasons many agricultural technology providers want to integrate with TerrAvion. We deliver excellent value as an integrated partner to many agricultural platforms.

What TerrAvion offers

TerrAvion provides high-resolution, high-frequency imagery that is detailed enough to provide actionable data for agriculture. We provide functional Develop with terravionfrequency, high quality data, timely deliveries, and affordability. TerrAvion subscriptions deliver weekly images with overnight processing. It ensures that our ag tech partner’s customers have their data exactly when they need it, at critical points throughout a growing season. The quality of TerrAvion data is hard to beat; 10-centimeter Synthetic Color, Infrared, and NDVI products, in addition to high-resolution Thermal imagery. Each image layer we provide delivers unique crop health insights.

Our cloud-based GeoTIFFs are already being used for various types of agronomic algorithms by existing technology partners. We provide all of this at a low cost, making our imagery a great-value data option for growers, agricultural professionals, and software providers alike.

Our API (Application Programming Interface) Philosophy

We view our business to be the best aerial imagery collection and cloud-based delivery service in agriculture. While web integration is important to our mission, we do not have ambitions to be a web destination in our own right. Further, we believe that many partners can help growers act on the data we collect in a way that TerrAvion, as a standalone imagery platform, never can. We treat our API as the heart of our service, and our internal tools call our API to present imagery data in our own interface. TerrAvion handles all questions about weather delays, imagery issues, and SLA claims directly, and we require access to the end-user to be able to do so. We stand ready to support all our distributors and end clients with training and support on the use of imagery. We look to our distribution and API partners to layer analytics, agronomic recommendations, and additional services on top of our data.

Promise to our partners

At TerrAvion, we believe in a future where software services in the cloud and in the field deliver data that growers need, seamlessly, wherever they need it. Through our open API, we offer value to our ag tech partners without barriers. As a “passive” API integration partner, we are open to integrating with anyone, as long as they are not abusive to our api socialservices. Reciprocally, we expect partners to be transparent and collaborative in providing a complete service to the end-user. We strongly believe in co-delivery, where all providers in a farm IT stack work transparently, working together to provide the best possible grower experience. We are excited to have partners add to our image data and will offer standard technical support for these types of challenging features.

Ready to enhance your product with TerrAvion image data? For more information on partnering with TerrAvion through our API, visit https://info.terravion.com/developwithterravion or complete the form below.


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