TerrAvion TerrAvion Sep 12 6 min

Aerial Imagery Solutions for Wetland Scientists

Environmental scientists rely on high quality imagery taken from satellite or aircraft to perform important surveys over expansive areas. High image quality and frequent  temporal resolution are particularly valued monitoring for the protection and restoration of wetland areas. But high costs...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Jun 13 4 min

Agwired.com Interviews CEO Robert Morris

UAV Army Leader Begins Plane-Based Aerial Image Biz It’s a little mind-blowing, really. Robert Morris served in the U.S. Army as a Technical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Platoon Leader in Afghanistan.  His ground-breaking work helped uncover intelligence that made critically important...

TerrAvion TerrAvion May 18 5 min

Drones Will Never Be The Same: TerrAvion Introduces the M-UAV

Venture Capital poured $855M in investment into the drone industry last year.  However, the industry has yet to produce a cost effective Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) for mapping in industries like agriculture.  …Until now.

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