TerrAvion Sep 11 1 min

    TerrAvion + CropTrak

    TerrAvion and CropTrak are excited to announce a new technical partnership! CropTrak is a geospatially enabled data platform used on over 60 crops in over 58 countries by food, ingredient, and enterprise ag companies to contract, monitor, trace, and report on food. An initial iteration of the...

    TerrAvion Sep 05 2 min

    Detecting late-season signs equipment failures

    September is here, and with it comes the start of the harvest season. But before you turn your attention to harvesting, beware of issues in your fields that may exhibit late occurring signs of trouble. One type of yield-robbing problem in particular that has a tendency to show up later in the...

    TerrAvion Aug 27 2 min

    OSU Pre-plant nitrogen response in irrigated corn

    In 2018, Oklahoma State University conducted a study at the McCaull Research and Demonstration farm in Northern Texas County, OK to assess corn yield response to pre-plant applied nitrogen with varying irrigation rates. While yield data was ultimately the metric used by the OSU to provide...

    TerrAvion Aug 21 2 min

    Centralize your operations with TerrAvion

    Managing a farm often involves multiple entities that are responsible for, either individually or collectively, various parts of farm operations. Many growers have farm hands that help manage their farm and additionally also work with agronomists, crop consultants, retailers, and other...

    TerrAvion Aug 15 1 min

    Real Ag talks aerial imagery

    Real Ag is an exciting series from Smoky Hills Public Television. Real Ag is a program for everyone -- both consumers and those in agri-business -- with pertinent information about food and the agriculture industry. On this episode they look at aerial Imagery to learn about the various ways how...

    TerrAvion Aug 09 2 min

    TerrAvion partners in the news

    TerrAvion knows all about image data and how it can help make farms more profitable. And we love to integrate our data with partners that offer additional value to our data. Below is a compilation of some recent news of our partners that shows that we are not the only ones who see the value.