TerrAvion Jun 03 2 min

TerrAvion + FluroSense: nitrogen management

A growing number of TerrAvion customers are using imagery for guided nutrient programs with success, reporting net profits of over $10/acre by running these imagery-guided variable rate nutrient programs instead of blanket rate applications. While growers can make NDVI management zone maps for...

TerrAvion May 28 2 min

TerrAvion + FluroSat

The best of two comprehensive and scalable platforms work together to offer a cost-efficient, best-valued agronomic solution that can provide timely stress detection and optimization of plant nutrition management for farmers, advisors, and retailers.

TerrAvion May 21 3 min

Imagery guided scouting

Field scouting is an essential part of any agronomy program, that involves traveling through a crop field, making observations, and taking notes. While it will be a long time before any technology can replace boots on the ground, modern technologies have significantly altered the resource...

TerrAvion May 17 0 min

New: TerrAvion mobile app - OverView sync

The latest TerrAvion mobile app can now sync with the TerrAvion OverView web interface! Drop pins and make geotagged notes and photos in the mobile app while your scouting your fields, and then open them later in your OverView account, where you have access to more tools and features.

TerrAvion May 13 2 min

Variable rate and spot herbicide treatments

Variable rate and spot herbicide treatments offer several benefits to growers. By making targeted herbicide applications instead of blanket applications, growers will save on input cost while also seeing better results. More efficient herbicide usage lessens the negative impact on the...

TerrAvion May 07 2 min

Implementing an imagery program

TerrAvion aerial images are not just pretty pictures. Imagery is invaluable data that has the potential to transform your agronomy program. But how do you get from your first image delivery to seeing higher profits? Imaging is capable of improving every part of your operations, and implementing...