TerrAvion Jul 25 3 min

Use case: irrigation management

Thermal imagery is an ideal tool for irrigation management as thermography data strongly correlates to the presence of moisture in a field. Having the ability to accurately identify moisture levels in your fields can help you see where your irrigation systems are applying the appropriate amount...

TerrAvion Jul 23 3 min

Use case: identifying soil compaction


TerrAvion Jul 18 3 min

Use case: pest management

Pest management is complex. Growers need to determine the type of pest they are dealing with, the extent of the infestation, other factors that may have contributed to the pest issue, what pesticides to use to fight the outbreak and how to apply them, etc. Before growers react to a pest...

TerrAvion Jul 16 1 min

Andrew Pylypchuk joins TerrAvion as Vice President of Enterprise Sales

With his extensive experience in remote sensing and his business acumen, we are very excited to announce that Andrew Pylypchuk has joined TerrAvion as Vice President of Enterprise Sales. While TerrAvion's data ultimately help growers improve yield and manage costs, many of TerrAvion's customers...

TerrAvion Jul 11 2 min

TerrAvion + Farm Dog

Adding functionality to the high-quality image data TerrAvion provides, compares to adding whipped cream on top our your favorite pie; it makes it only better. The integration of TerrAvion high-resolution imagery in the Farm Dog mobile scouting app gives agronomists a way to effortlessly view...

TerrAvion Jul 09 2 min

Use case: quantifying crop damage

Destructive weather is typical in most of the growing regions around the country. Growers having to deal with crop damage and navigating the insurance claims process is also common. Crop loss happens, whether it be from destructive weather or herbicide drift, pests, disease, drought, etc., and...