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  • Aug 11
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Optimizing farm ROI with field statistics

Digital and precision agronomy is advancing in all agricultural crops and regions. A successful implementation of digital agronomy requires combining a lot of data from various resources and used to its full potential. This tremendous amount of data can be overwhelming and, if not managed well, will not deliver the expected results. A high-quality and frequent imagery source that enables tying data together is necessary and functional for both humans and AI.

Subscription high-resolution imagery provides regular visual insight into your fields, allowing for effective monitoring of temporal changes needed for precision agronomy. The ability to integrate this imagery with other information such as soil, testing, and applications offers unrivaled intelligence to optimize ROI. TerrAvion has an open API that allows agricultural platforms to integrate our high-quality image data and provide the needed information for specific crops or farm management practices. Being able to correlate data from particular areas in a field, from, for example, soil testing, and extrapolate it to other zones with the same value in Vigor, helps create insight over the whole field.

Very high-resolution Vigor data for multiple fields in TerrAvion OverView form the basis data for the Statistics dashboard.
Very high-resolution Vigor data of multiple fields in TerrAvion OverView is the base data used for the Statistics dashboard.

Besides providing the actual image pixels, TerrAvion also offers statistical data based on Vigor in the Statistics dashboard in OverView, TerrAvion’s image platform. This statistical data is beneficial, for example, if you want to make sure your grapes are developing evenly in the various blocks with the same grape variety. It enables managing multiple fields to create the optimum result at the end of the growing season.

Statistics is also a useful tool for customers conducting academic research or chemical trials on treated and untreated fields. TerrAvion Statistics provides a numerical representation of each field’s vigor, allowing you to perform statistical analyses. For those who want to know more about their fields on top of the visual imagery, the TerrAvion statistics information is available. It can be downloaded for selected fields in a specific time range.

The TerrAvion Statistics dashboard provides insights like the standard deviation, mean and median based on the high quality NDVI data
The TerrAvion Statistics dashboard provides insights like the standard deviation, mean and median based on the high quality NDVI data

The statistics information can also be obtained through the TerrAvion API, enabling integrated Partners to provide these facts to their customers or build other easy-to-use insights. TerrAvion imagery focuses on delivering very high-resolution, affordable image data that helps transform agriculture into a practical and affordable digital agronomy enabling customers to optimize their farm management in many ways.

If you are interested in learning more about the information available in TerrAvion Statistics and how to use it, read the ‘Understanding the Statistics page on OverView.’

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