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  • May 17
  • 1 min read

New: TerrAvion Mobile  - OverView sync

mobile syc-1The latest TerrAvion mobile app can now sync with the TerrAvion OverView web interface! Drop pins and make geotagged notes and photos in the mobile app while your scouting your fields, and then open them later in your OverView account, where you have access to more tools and features.

New feature for TerrAvion Mobile

A new feature in the TerrAvion mobile app allows you to drop a pin at your exact GPS point. When you are using your finger to drop a pin on your mobile device, it can be hard to drop it in the exact location where you are standing. The new GPS feature solves that problem allowing you to be precise with your scouting notes.

As with every TerrAvion mobile app update, be sure to download the most recent update from the app store or google play store. For more information on all new mobile app features, watch the video below.

Mobile App May

To read more about our mobile app for both Andoid and Apple devices and to download them: click here.

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