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  • Mar 17
  • 2 min read

New 2020 high-resolution imagery sample data

TerrAvion imagery powers digital agronomy, and the improved image data package for 2020 is our best yet. Since our inception, TerrAvion has been making improvements to the data we capture every year. After each growing season in the USA, TerrAvion evaluates its operations. We address our supply chain from top to bottom from pilot and customer communication to flight scheduling and image resolution. Our winter season is a period of research and development and we integrate our changes fleet-wide.

One feature we are always improving is our core product: high-resolution quality image data. That includes image resolution, but also other factors affecting image quality such as solar sun angle, weather and atmospheric effects. It touches nearly every part of our company, from our airplanes to processing and delivering the data to customers. With every modification to our sensors, we perform numerous test flights to make sure that everything from data collection to processing runs as expected. The next step is to create our image sample data package that will be the standard for the next growing season.


2020 Sample data packages

Finally, we are very excited to share the 2020 imagery data. It is the best data we have ever produced, with incredible resolution. It is created with TerrAvion 2020 hardware and software. The sample data is available in TerrAvion OverView, our online platform, TerrAvion Mobile, or as GeoTIFFs. All 2020 map layers included in our product are in the sample data: Color, Synthetic Color, Standard Vigor, Dynamic Vigor, Infrared, Thermal, and our Zoning map. We have several different sample data available. The first standard data package is taken in Napa County, showing vineyards. The second sample package is from the Research Farm, a farm managed by UC Davis. The Research Farm sample data package shows tree, row, and field crops. Both sample image data packages were taken in February 2020. Other, non-standard sample data packages are available as well.


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