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  • Mar 12
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Introducing TerrAvion Mobile

Our brand new mobile app is available now for the 2019 season. The new mobile app is faster than our previous app and has some great new features with more developments on the way. Most notably, users can drop pins in their fields and attach notes and pictures to them. The dynamic NDVI and thermal map layers are also visible in the mobile app. 

Mobile App May


Viewing your fields

New TerrAvion Mobile App Filters
Filter your fields

Users can browse or search for fields using the search button(magnifying glass in top right corner). When you open the search feature, you can browse through all of your fields, or you can click the filter button in the top right corner of your screen. It is possible to filter by farm, farmer, agronomist, or season. For customers who have a lot of maps in their account, these features make it quick and easy to find and navigate to the field of interest.

Drop a pin with notes and photos

TerrAvion mobile app 2019 drop a pin Take pictures and notes 

TerrAvion mobile app users now can drop a pin anywhere in their field or at their exact GPS location, and attach a note and/or photo to that pin. This feature is fundamental for scouting, allowing growers to make notes and take pictures of issues they see when walking their fields. Users can share these comments with other users. The app lets you edit and delete your pins and notes, as well as hide them so that they don’t obstruct your view when you are viewing your imagery. Pins from the mobile app will then sync to the TerrAvion OverView web interface.

Dynamic thermal and NDVI layers

TerrAvion mobile app 2019 dynamic NDVILast year, TerrAvion introduced our auto-adjusted Dynamic Thermal and NDVI map layers on our desktop app. Dynamic map layer auto-adjust to pull out the most detail in any single image. Now, this feature is available in our mobile app as well. The dynamic maps bring issues to light when there is minimal variation in thermal or vigor layers. As with the desktop app, when the dynamic maps adjust for any given image, the colors of nearby fields will change. If you want to look at the dynamic layers for another field, just click on the map to adjust the thermal or vigor for that field & date. This feature will help users pinpoint and scout issues that may not have been evident in regular NDVI or thermal imagery.


The new mobile app is our fastest app to date. With decent cellular or WiFi service, or if you have downloaded imagery for offline use, the app functions with high speed and little lag, saving users time, otherwise wasted waiting for images to load.

Offline storage

The new TerrAvion mobile app allows users to download image tiles for offline use. Once the images are downloaded on your phone, users will be able to view the downloaded fields even when they don't have cellular or WIFI service. You can delete saved maps when you are not using them to open up storage space on your mobile device.

Before downloading and installing our new app, remove your current TerrAvion app!
Click here to download the Android or iOS version of the new TerrAvion mobile app. For more information how it works, please watch the video at the top of the page.


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