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    Product update: Flight status dashboard

    TerrAvion customers quickly become dependent on their aerial imagery to help make critical decisions throughout the season. In relying so heavily on their imagery, our growers are very in-tuned to when they should expect their image deliveries. Our customers understandably grow concerned if their imagery isn’t delivered when they expect it. To give our customers more insight into our flight operations, the TerrAvion team has created the flight status dashboard in your OverView account. The flight status dashboard allows our customers to follow along from the time that they place an order until their imagery is delivered to their account, and every step in between.

    Flight delivery flow

    When a TerrAvion order is placed and registered into our database, all of the fields on that order will enter into the flight delivery flow. The flight delivery flow has six steps:


    Flight planned in the future

    This means that an order has been placed and is registered in our database. The field will remain in this stage until the first flight cycle arrives and a flight plan is generated.

    Flight plan generated

    The second step of the flight delivery flow is the flight plan generated phase. The field is placed on a flight plan and sent to one of our pilots. At this point, the flight plan that your field is on is ready to be flown during the next window of clear weather.

    Attempting to fly

    At this step, our pilots are up in the air working to capture your imagery. Our pilots are constantly working around clouds and bad weather, so just because they are attempting to fly does not guarantee that they will be able to successfully capture your imagery. In some cases, pilots may start a flight plan but return to the ground before they complete the plan and will have to complete the flight plan at a later time.


    When a pilot completes a planned flight, the fields scheduled in that flight will be marked as flown. Just because a flight was completed does not guarantee that we have successfully captured quality imagery for your farm. The pilots could have run into clouds or other weather issues that prevented them from capturing quality imagery.


    As soon as our pilots are back on the ground, they are uploading your imagery to our database so that our processing team can take over. When our team has processed your imagery and determined that the data met our quality standards to be send out, they will deliver it to your OverView account.


    Your imagery is now available for you to view it in your OverView or mobile account. The average TerrAvion imagery turnover time, from the time your imagery was captured until the time it is delivered to your account, is 11.2 hours.

    Flight cycles

    Screenshot_103If you click the flight cycle for a field under the Flight Cycle column on the flight status dashboard, a window opens that provides a flight cycle dialog, telling you what happened during each flight cycle for that particular field. Remember, TerrAvion operates in flight cycles. A flight cycle has a beginning and end date. The first date is the start of the flight cycle. The TerrAvion team then has until the last date of the flight cycle to fly your field and deliver imagery to your account the next day. We try to fly fields evenly spaced out over the flight cycles. If for some reason, TerrAvion fails to deliver imagery for your field in a flight cycle, your field will be marked as Missed on the flight status dashboard.

    TerrAvion has the highest success rate in the industry for delivering quality image on schedule, and missed flights are the exception. However, the weather always has the potential to disrupt TerrAvion operations. When this does happen, the flight status dashboard will keep you up to date on what’s happening with your imagery so that you can plan accordingly.

    Click here for more information on the flight status dashboard. Click here for more information on our service level agreement. Have a question? Fill in the form below:

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