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    • Mar 21
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    New: Pansharpened Thermal and Synthetic Color imagery

    For the 2019 season, TerrAvion is offering a new line of imagery products to our customers. We will be introducing two new image layers to all customers, as well as ultra-high resolution imagery products to customers in select regions. Beginning May of 2019, TerrAvion will begin providing a new Pansharpened Thermal map layer along with a Synthetic Color layer will be available. As with all of our imagery products, these additional map layers are included in our standard product offering at no additional cost.

    Pansharpened Thermal

    New TerrAvion Pansharpened thermal

    TerrAvion’s new Pansharpened Thermal imagery is a much more detailed thermal product than our standard thermal. The pansharpened thermal combines the contrast of the near-infrared (NIR) camera and the thermal temperature information of the thermal camera. This combined product allows you to see field characteristics such as crop rows or other plant signatures that are clearly visible in infrared imagery but are not visible in our standard thermal product. Now, instead of having to flip to higher resolution image to add context to what you see in the 2 m resolution thermal imagery, the Pansharpened Thermal product provides users with a single high-resolution thermal image. 

    Synthetic Color

    TerrAvion Synthetic Color 2019In the same way that the Pansharpened Thermal product is a combination of our standard thermal and infrared product, our Synthetic Color imagery is a combination of our natural color product and infrared product. The result of this combined product is a higher resolution color image. Certain factors such as poor lighting can result in natural color imagery that lacks contrast and appears dull in color. The new Synthetic Color product creates a color image that presents more contrast and detail that can be the difference between a detected issue and an undetected issue.

    NDVI and CIR imagery enhancements 

    ultra-high-resolution terravion ndvi 2019Standard TerrAvion NDVI and CIR imagery will also have a new look for the 2019 season. Specifically, 2019 NDVI and CIR will have a increase in baseline sensitivity, drastically reducing the signal to noise in CIR and NDVI imagery and sharper near infrared wavelengths. Basically, we have made changes to our cameras and sensors that will deliver clearer, less noisy CIR and NDVI products to our customers. The end result will be NDVI and CIR products that appear to more detailed, crisper and easier to read, further enabling TerrAvion customers to make informed decisions. 

    Ultra-high resolution

    TerrAvion ultra-high-resolution color imagery 2019In addition to the new imagery products and enhancements to our core imagery layers, TerrAvion will also be offering ultra-high-resolution, 10 cm per pixel imagery in select regions. While our standard 17 cm per pixel resolution is already considered "ultra-high-resolution" imagery in the agricultural industry, we wanted to take things one step further to offer an even higher resolution product to our customers.  

    For more information on the TerrAvion high-resolution and ultra-high-resolution coverage zones, click here.  To learn more about TerrAvion's new product line for the 2019 season, ask your local sales representative. You can find them here.

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