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Imagery for agricultural makes insights actionable

Co-delivery with partners

As a company, our focus has been on delivering high-quality, affordable aerial imagery through ag retail channels, api-connected partners and other service providers in agriculture. Over the years, TerrAvion has build a broad experience with API-integrated partners and we have learned that working together openly towards the end-user, in many cases a grower or an agronomic consultant, is critical to mutual success. Capturing, processing and delivering imagery is not as easy as it might seem and there is much more involved than many realize. Therefore it is necessary that TerrAvion has direct communication with the end-user to train, educate, and update them on how the imagery delivery service works, its limits, and its operation. We handle all questions about weather delays, imagery issues, and SLA questions directly, and require access to the end-user to be able to do so.

Permanent crop imagery shows were trees are growing well, water management and biomass production in TerrAvion aerial imagery

We stand ready to support all our distributors, partners, and end-clients with training and support on the use of imagery. We look to our distribution and API partners to layer agronomic recommendations on top of the imagery.

Recommended implementations: operational control use cases

Agricultural data is still expanding but individual data often does not add the value it could due to the lack of context or extrapolation. Imagery forms an exceptional tool to add context and visualize value other data and insights provide. Implementations of TerrAvion imagery data through API typically focus on validated imagery use cases for agronomy. Our current example library consists of use cases where imagery can be used to inform agronomic decisions every farmer takes every year.

Irrigated pivots benefit clearly from a visual image layer during the whole growing season

Some examples of this are:

  • Guided sampling for:
    • Nitrogen and nutrition management
    • Disease diagnosis
    • Harvest planning
    • Planting timing
  • Zone creation for:
    • Irrigation
    • Nutrient application
  • Pest protection activities and applications
  • Condition-based anomaly detection
  • Irrigation and water management
  • Disease (e.g. patterns)
  • Machinery and cultural practices (e.g. planter malfunction)

Do you have a tool or agricultural application that benefits from visualization in the field? Adding TerrAvion maps to your data enables users to see the direct relationship.

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