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  • Mar 03
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Hyperspectral analysis takes the sky with the TerrAvion and Cloud Agronomics partnership

Cloud Agronomics becomes TerrAvion latest partner offering hyperspectral dataCloud Agronomics is TerrAvion's latest partner offering next-generation agricultural insights on crop performance that changes the way the industry looks at crop yields, pricing, and other critical agrarian business decisions. TerrAvion's imagery program provides a professional platform strategically located across the United States for Cloud Agronomics' hyperspectral systems and advanced data analytics. Together we are providing hyperspectral-based analytical solutions at scale.

“Cloud Agronomics insightful hyperspectral analytics, combined with TerrAvion’s reliable data collection, will bring the agricultural sector into the next level of accessible information that can improve agriculture in many ways,” according to Robert Morris, Founder and CEO TerrAvion, ‘“We are elated to partner with Cloud Agronomics to help enable our customers with critical insights needed to promote sustainable farming, fight crop diseases, and optimize yields.”

‘We are excited to partner with TerrAvion, the largest provider of aerial image data to agriculture” says Jack Roswell, Co-founder, and COO of Cloud Agronomics, ‘This partnership enables Cloud Agronomics to deliver our analytic insights to a much larger customer base in the United States, and beyond, in years to come enabling growers and ag businesses to improve their business operations efficiently.”

Cloud_Agro_NPKL_TerrAvion732 x 410Cloud Agronomics offers a full suite of analytical capabilities to customers throughout the agricultural industry. Cloud Agronomics' hyperspectral analysis enables TerrAvion's current customers to go beyond NDVI to determine why their plants are stressed and what to do about it. Cloud Agronomics has developed NPK nutrient quantification and early disease detection analytics layers for corn and soybeans for the 2020 agricultural growing season. Furthermore, Cloud Agronomics and TerrAvion offer three types of services to meet the different analytical needs that customers have.

  • Full Data Cube: For customers with in-house hyperspectral analysis capabilities, TerrAvion and Cloud Agronomics deliver complete hyperspectral data cubes along with 10 cm multispectral maps of fields.
  • Bespoke Signature Development: For a defined analytical need, Cloud Agronomics develops and sells a proprietary signature for a pathology or circumstance (e.g., a specific plant disease) based on data captured by TerrAvion. This proprietary data is particularly of interest to those who have chemistry or intervention that targets a particular pathology but do not have in-house analytical data.
  • Managed Platform Prototype (NPK recommendations): the Cloud Agronomics’ platform provides comprehensive insights and can be easily delivered to any other agricultural management platform to broaden existing precision agronomy programs.
Cloud_Agro_Disease_TerrAvion750*420Disease map based on hyper-spectral imagery by Cloud Agronomics

About Cloud Agronomics: Cloud Agronomics produces invaluable crop and soil insights for its clients based on next-generation analytics of hyperspectral data. Cloud Agronomics is the first civilian company in the U.S. capable of collecting and interpreting hyperspectral data to produce a living map of agriculture, while also extracting minute detail for every square meter of farmland. Its geospatial imaging platform provides meaningful and actionable insights on crop performance and physiological processes: nutrient content, soil organic carbon levels, diseases, growth stage, and predictive yields. Cloud Agronomics will enable the digital revolution towards sustainable food production.

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