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  • Nov 01
  • 1 min read

How NDVI zones can guide cluster-thinning in grapes

In the past, growers were picking random points to judge all aspects of a field. The more sample points, the more accurate the information. Growers using TerrAvion have realized they can choose minimal sampling points and still know more information about the block.
When it comes to cluster-thinning, most growers are trying to strike a balance between having enough clusters and not having too many. 
Aerial imagery can show you where to expect more clusters and where to expect fewer clusters.  If you take a cluster count at strategic sample points (that represent homogeneous areas or “zones”), you’ll be able to make a cluster map with little effort.
Using that cluster map, you can schedule a cluster-thinning pass only where needed.
How does this benefit you? -Maximize fruit quality by dropping only what’s needed. -Use fewer sample points to know a lot about your entire ranch -Have more confidence that you helped the bottom line.