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  • May 03
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Follow along this season with use cases, tips, interviews

This season, follow along with Michael Morris, farmer and District Sales Manager at TerrAvion in his exploration of the use of high-resolution imagery in his own fields and working with his customers. Learn what to look for, what the different imagery layers can tell you, see the use cases that will bring continuous value, and experience the benefits high-resolution fixed wing aircraft imagery brings first hand.

High-resolution Color Infrared image data from a field early in the growing seasonMichael, as the former owner of AGL Drone Solutions, a successful drone operations company specializing in agriculture, has previously worked with TerrAvion as a distribution partner. His experience in working with high-resolution imagery data and farming will be a tremendous source of knowledge for TerrAvion distributors and growers in the region.

High-resolution Vigor NDVI aerial image data layer from a field early in the growing season"While being a distributor of TerrAvion imagery for several years, I have seen first hand how our imagery brings value and efficiency to many farming operations. I am excited to help our customers gain a more precise view of their acres, increase their ROI, and better manage their operations," says Michael.

Michael has been a grower for much of his life. His farm started early on with the use of both satellite and drone imagery for crop health assessment before switching to TerrAvion imagery. Michael has witnessed firsthand how TerrAvion data can transform an agronomy program for the better. He has a broad experience with digital agronomy. Michael is also familiar with many of the integrated imagery partners so knows the value of integrating high quality imagery data in various platforms brings. On his midwestern farm, Michael will be planting corn and soybeans this year.

Michael is looking forward to applying his experience and insights by helping you maximize your yield potential through the implementation of TerrAvion imagery on your farm. The #plant2020 has started, lets follow along to see what happens!

You can follow Michael directly on twitter: @mwimageryguy

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