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  • May 12
  • 1 min read

Follow along: first imagery of the season

This season, follow along with Michael Morris, farmer and District Sales Manager at TerrAvion in his exploration using high-resolution imagery in his own fields and working with his customers. Learn what to look for, what the different imagery layers can tell you, see the use cases that will bring continuous value, and experience the benefits high-resolution fixed wing aircraft imagery brings first hand.

In the video below, Michael explains how to use the first image data of the year to manage your weeds. The early-season imagery is has several use case, from monitoring the efficacy of your herbicide, making variable rate herbicide application maps, monitoring your irrigation system or water management to forming the base information to look back to in the middle of the season.

You can follow Michael directly on twitter: @mwimageryguy

Other early-season use cases:

early season use cases watermanagementTerrAvion subscription imagery provides a season-long of information with many use case during the year. Click on any of the links below to learn more about the specific early-season use case:

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