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  • Mar 08
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TerrAvion + FarmLogs

TerrAvion is excited to announce that we have formed a new partnership with FarmLogs, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based farm management software provider. This partnership will allow FarmLogs customers to add our premium, high-resolution aerial imagery to their FarmLogs account. With the TerrAvion aerial imagery addition, growers can prioritize their scouting, identify field anomalies and fix problems before they impact yield.

Enabling farmers with precision ag

TerrAvion applauds the partnership between Farmlogs and TerrAvion enabling growers to do precision ag. 

“Farmers are the backbone of our country and to be able to do a good job farming, they need good data”, says Robert Morris, CEO, and Founder of TerrAvion, Inc. “We are excited that FarmLogs realized from the start the importance of growers and works with farmers directly to maximize their profit.  FarmLogs has enabled their growers to have an independent precision ag program through the addition of TerrAvion’s low-cost high-resolution imagery in their direct-to-grower solution.”


FarmLogs is a farm data management platform that allows growers to monitor fieldFarmLogs and TerrAvion Partnership conditions, plan and manage crop production, and market their grain. TerrAvion has given us a whole new range of capabilities in remote sensing that allow us to enhance our position as the leading direct to grower remote sensing provider,”  said Jesse Vollmar, CEO of FarmLogs.

Premium aerial imagery subscription

TerrAvion ultra high-resolution (16 and 9 cm per pixel) imagery data captured by manned aircraft, available in all of the major growing regions of the U.S., Brazil, and Canada, will now be available to all FarmLogs customers as an add-on feature. TerrAvion’s color, infrared, thermal, and NDVI imagery products give growers a detailed look at what's happening in their fields, and why. FarmLog customers will now be equipped with the best in class TerrAvion imagery to help them increase their accuracy and efficiency in identifying issues in their fields early enough to make an effective remedial action and to direct their scouting efforts and ensuring all problem areas are being seen while saving the time and labor required for traditional scouting. Based on the issues they’ve identified, FarmLogs customers can use their imagery to guide any management decisions they will be making to address the issues, and to evaluate the effectiveness of their actions.  

FarmLogs will be offering TerrAvion premium aerial imagery subscription packages that include a total of 13-15 high-resolution image delivers throughout the season as well as a Basic Satellite Imagery add on that delivers 10-meter resolution at two-week intervals. This satellite imagery is also included in the Premium Aerial Imagery package. These offerings are available through FarmLogs for the 2019 growing season. For more information on the new Premium Aerial Imagery add on from FarmLogs, please visit Farmlogs.com.

For more information on TerrAvion aerial imagery for agriculture, please visit www.terravion.com or fill in the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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