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  • Aug 21
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Centralize your operations with TerrAvion

Managing a farm often involves multiple entities that are responsible for, either individually or collectively, various parts of farm operations. Many growers have farm hands that help manage their farm and additionally also work with agronomists, crop consultants, retailers, and other agricultural professionals. Keeping everyone on the same page presents a challenge. TerrAvion’s web and mobile platforms provide growers a place to centralize their communications, and our high-resolution imagery supplies a backdrop for all parties to reference throughout the season.

Labeling tool: OverView


The TerrAvion labeling tool, available in the OverView web interface, is designed for making field notes and communicating them with all parties involved in the management of a field. While reviewing imagery, users can utilize the polygon tool to draw zones in their fields that they find of interest. Once an area is selected, it is logged as a “label” in the labeling OverView labeling tab. When a label is created, all parties who have access to the field’s imagery will be notified of the new label. Users can enter the OverView labeling section and start a conversation on labeled items. All comments are logged in the comments section with a date stamp. All users will again be notified when additional comments are made. A label will remain open and active throughout the season until it is either archived or deleted. These features allow all parties to be clear on exactly what and where the issue is. Users can stay up to date on the latest developments reported by other team members and track the item until it is resolved. Click here to see how to make labels in OverView.

Geo-tagged pins: Mobile app

labeling 2In the TerrAvion mobile app, the drop-a-pin feature allows users to make in-field, geo-tagged notes, provides great utility as a communication tool on the farm. Users can make scouting notes attached to a precise location in their field and then attach photos to their notes. When a mobile note is made, a pin will be visible in both the mobile app and OverView web interface. All users who have access to the imagery of that field will see the pin in their own TerrAvion accounts. This feature allows a grower or agronomist to access scouting notes remotely as soon as they are created. Click here for more information on how to use 'drop-a-pin' in the TerrAvion mobile app.

PDF reports

43666907_1809148229184320_550661081324847104_oTerrAvion users can make quick and easy PDF reports in their OverView accounts that can be distribute digitally or in print. Users can create a PDF report for a single field with the option to include only the map layers that they feel apply to a particular situation. They can also make summary PDF reports that contain a full season's worth of imagery. PDF reports are a great tool for meetings and for bringing all team members together to focus on the issue at hand. Click here for more information on how to create PDF reports from your TerrAvion imagery.

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TerrAvion OverView is not a farm management platform. For a complete list of farm management services offered by our partners, click here.