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  • Sep 01
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Agricultural imagery provides value all season

use case ROI during growing seasonWith fall and harvest time around the corner in the Northern hemisphere, here is a helpful overview of some use cases for the season that are applicable for a variety of crops from corn and soybean to grapes and winter wheat. This overview shows use cases that are posted on our blogs over the years.

Timing your harvest with TerrAvion:

Laptop PNG harvestAs harvest season approaches, TerrAvion growers looking to set themselves up for a strong finish to the growing season turn to their imagery to aid them in timing their harvest. If growers wait too long to harvest, they can lose a significant portion of their crop to shattering. They can also lose money on test weight if their crop is too dry. If they don't wait long enough and harvest their crops at higher moisture levels, they can incur additional drying costs...

Power-user: Ste. Michelle Wine Estates:

B-TOP-RIGHT-Differential-harvest-of-Cabernet-Sauvignon-grapes-with-Korvan-3016XL-1Vineyards produce fruit of various qualities throughout a block. Wines can be crafted by choosing specific characteristics in the fruit and managing the harvest to capitalize on those traits. For instance, smaller berries in a red variety have a strong correlation to fruitful flavors and deep red... color, while larger berries have a correlation with more vegetal and some green flavors. By separating these flavors at harvest, they are able to give the...

Detecting late-season signs equipment failures

equipment failureSeptember is here, and with it comes the start of the harvest season. But before you turn your attention to harvesting, beware of issues in your fields that may exhibit late occurring signs of trouble. One type of yield-robbing problem, in particular, that has a tendency to show up later in the season is equipment failure. Many equipment failure issues only become evident at a time when most growers are not closely monitoring their fields as they prepare for harvest...

Imagery solutions for winter wheat growers

Make the best nitrogen applications for winter wheat with TerrAvion imageryWinter wheat accounts for 70 to 80 percent of total wheat production in the United States. The winter wheat acres are down in 2019 due to a particularly wet fall in 2018 in the Plains that led to late soybean harvest, however, growers still seeded an estimated 31.3 million acres for 2019. While planted...

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