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  • Aug 15
  • 1 min read

Real Ag talks aerial imagery

Real Ag is an exciting series from Smoky Hills Public Television. Real Ag is a program for everyone -- both consumers and those in agri-business -- with pertinent information about food and the agriculture industry. On this episode they look at aerial Imagery to learn about the various ways how the detailed data can help agriculture become more successful. Real Ag speaks with Cole Lewandowski, Regional Vice President from TerrAvion on how the different data layers work together to improve farming ROI.

Smoky Hills Public Television is a regional network of PBS member television stations serving central and western portions of the U.S. state of Kansas. It is operated by the Smoky Hills Public Television Corporation, which holds the licenses for all the PBS member stations licensed in the network. The broadcast signals of the four stations cover most of the western half of the state outside Wichita.

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