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  • Apr 14
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Aerial imagery bands insights

In these uncertain times, where face-to-face meetings might be limited, having up-to-date imagery data that clearly shows in great detail what is going on in a field, can be a big help.

Analytics view thermal pansharpened thermal march 26TerrAvion subscription imagery services is a great way to get current field information. It is detailed enough to be actionable whether you want to make a variable rate map for inputs, see if water management is optimized, or efficiently scout. And the TerrAvion platform OverView offers many ways to show, share, and communicate with others what is going on. As the flight season has started all over the United States, we also have rolled out our Pansharpened Thermal, our latest imagery layer that gives incredibly detailed insights aiding effective water management.

For 2020, our standard products have a higher resolution than ever before, supporting your business to be operational and efficient from a distance. Below is a summary of all the bands that are available for 2020 in our online platform OverView and TerrAvion Mobile, with an explanation of how each of them helps you get the most return on investment.

Synthetic Color

The Synthetic Color image layer has a high resolution at 10 cm per pixel, offering more visual field-level detail, which can help to identify issues more quickly. It is a combination of two sensor types; the standard Red, Green, and Blue data which creates the Natural Color imagery are combined with two bands from the Near-Infrared camera. The Synthetic Color can be used in the same way as the Natural Color band. Because of its very high resolution, it is now the first image layer you will see in your TerrAvion OverView account. The Synthetic Color band is not available for images before 2019.

Pansharpened Thermal

The Pansharpened Thermal shows row-level structural data with the thermography to pinpoint water, irrigation, and transpiration anomalies. The Pansharpened Thermal is a combination of our Thermal band with our Near-Infrared bands. This image layer will give spatial/structural insight but should not be relied upon for accurate temperature information. The Pansharpened Thermal is visible in image data starting in 2020. In TerrAvion Mobile, it will be visible in the upcoming release later this month.

Standard Vigor

Standard Vigor shows the same color for the same vigor value during the whole growing season. This NDVI data is instrumental in looking at temporal changes during the season. TerrAvion's Standard Vigor has a resolution of less than 10 cm/pixel in 2020. The Standard Vigor is the base for fertility, fungicide, PGR, herbicide, and other inputs decisions, especially when a variable rate application is needed.

Dynamic Vigor

Dynamic Vigor brings out the most detail for a field on one specific date. This layer brings out minimal changes in vigor and picks up on issues early before they are visible in any other band or through visual inspection. Dynamic Vigor colors can represent a different value for each date during the growing season. TerrAvion's Dynamic Vigor has a resolution of less than 10 cm/pixel in 2020.


TerrAvion's Infrared has a resolution of less than 10 cm/pixel in 2020. The Color Infrared (CIR) is used to show image analysts and certain software programs plant health in a picture style format.

Natural Color

Natural Color shows a picture like any other regular camera would and what the human eye sees. In 2020, it has a resolution of less than 35 cm/pixel. The Natural Color bands from previous years can have different resolutions. It is used to verify what is seen in other image data layers.


Our Thermal is calibrated to bring out the most detail per image date. That means that the colors can represent different values for each date. The resolution in 2020 is 2.85 m/pixel. The Thermal is an excellent tool for water management on the field, detect irrigation issue, and make crop water stress index. It can also be used in TerrAvion OverView as a base for zoning maps.

Canopy Vigor

The Canopy Vigor is designed to show plant health by area where there is an open canopy. It ignores soil values to avoid the effects of averaging dirt with plants you get in satellite or low-resolution imagery. It is most useful for specialty crops and does not have a specific resolution.

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