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2020 Flight Schedule Changes

For the 2020 growing season, TerrAvion will be offering enhanced aerial imagery subscription services. In addition to serving a new menu of imagery products and our highest resolution imagery to date, TerrAvion will also be rolling out redesigned flight schedules for all regions.

2020 TerrAvion flight schedules

In 2020, throughout the United States and Canada, all TerrAvion subscription services will consist of weekly flight attempts on all customer acres. Longer Screenshot_186flight cycles have been eliminated, with weekly cycles leading to increased collection frequency with more expected  image deliveries for customers, weather permitting. For TerrAvion standard services, service start dates, end dates, and the total number of weeks/flight cycles will depend on region and crop type. A premium service, leading to more image data deliveries , will be offered in the Pacific Northwest, Canada, and parts of California.The premium Florida service is a year round service with one monthly image delivery.

For 2020, each weekly flight cycle will consist of at least three  image capture attempts. TerrAvion pilots plan to fly each customer’s field until a quality image is captured or until they have exhausted their three flight attempts for the week.

Besides the standard and premium services, TerrAvion also offers other services such as One-Shots, Historicals, and advanced sensors.

One-Shots and Historicals

In addition to our subscription services, TerrAvion will also be offering one-shot services and historical imagery processing. One-Shots and Historicals are available when you need data outside our subscription flight schedules.

One-Shot flights are individual image capture attempts that can be performed at any time of the year in areas beyond our regular coverage zones. One-Shot flights are charged per acre imaged.  

TerrAvion pilots capture imagery continuously while they are in the air. All these images are stored in our database and can be called on and processed upon request. We call these types of orders Historicals. If you are someone who is interested in our services but have never been a TerrAvion customer, chances are that we have data available for your acres somewhere in our database.

Advanced sensors

Outside of these core services, TerrAvion will also offer ultra-high-resolution imagery by flying our advanced sensors. This service will be priced on a case-by-case basis. 

TerrAvion’s 2020 flight services are designed to be straightforward and easy to understand while delivering our highest reliability numbers to date. Weekly flight schedules in every region during the growing season ensure that you have the data you need at every key agronomic event. For more information on any of the services listed above, please complete the form below.

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