TerrAvion Jul 09 2 min

Use case: quantifying crop damage

Destructive weather is typical in most of the growing regions around the country. Growers having to deal with crop damage and navigating the insurance claims process is also common. Crop loss happens, whether it be from destructive weather or herbicide drift, pests, disease, drought, etc., and...

TerrAvion Jul 02 1 min

Product update: multiple field management zones

The TerrAvion zone creation tool allows TerrAvion users to create quick, easy, and accurate NDVI or thermal management zone maps for variable rate applications. This tool makes it simple for TerrAvion customers to put their imagery data into action. Last week, the TerrAvion engineering team...

TerrAvion Jun 27 2 min

Use case: variable rate PGR applications

Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) applications are used in cotton to reduce vegetative growth and help maintain a manageable crop. PGRs help cotton plants direct their energy into making cotton instead of getting too tall. PGRs are also used by grass seed growers to control lodging in high vigor...

TerrAvion Jun 25 2 min

Product update: OverView and mobile app updates - June 2019

The TerrAvion engineering team has been hard at work, continuing to develop and optimize our mobile and web apps for our customers. Keep reading to learn more about our product updates for the month of June 2019. These updates are in addition to the recently released inbox and analytics view...

TerrAvion Jun 20 2 min

Use case: input performance evaluation

TerrAvion NDVI imagery, a crop health index image, will tell you how healthy or stressed your crop is based on plant vigor and chlorophyll levels. This information, collected at key points throughout the season, can be used to assess how a crop performs over time, and how various inputs and...

TerrAvion Jun 18 1 min

Product update: Analytics View feature

The TerrAvion Analytics View feature is a comparison tool that allows you to compare two different images of a single field. The Analytics View feature helps you see changes in your field from week to week and compare different image types to see how they correlate to each other. Comparing your...