TerrAvion TerrAvion Sep 27 2 min

TerrAvion Announces Partnership with FieldX Inc. to Bring Aerial Imagery Solutions to Agronomists

TerrAvion, the largest volume provider of aerial imaging real-time data for agriculture, and FieldX®, the leading provider of software for independent agronomists, today announced the launch of an integration that brings aerial imagery solutions to agronomists using FieldX. High-resolution...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Jul 03 3 min

Identifying Crop Damage Resulting from a Weather Related Event

In the unfortunate event of a grower suffering crop damage, whether it be from severe weather, pests or disease infestations, herbicide drift or other chemical or nutrient burns, growers can use their TerrAvion imagery to identify and locate the affected areas, to quantify the range of affected...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Jun 25 1 min

Midwest Rainstorms: Identifying and addressing nutrient leaching

As severe weather conditions and heavy rains persist through parts of the Midwest this week, all of us at TerrAvion are hoping for the best for everyone in the affected regions.  

TerrAvion TerrAvion Jun 15 1 min

Apples to Apples: Planet Labs and TerrAvion

Planet says they are collecting 7 TB of data per day, worldwide. This is an impressive number, but because TerrAvion actually lands after collection of imagery and uses fiber internet collection points to transfer data, TerrAvion is collecting and uploading approximately 11TB per day in the US...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Jun 01 0 min

TerrAvion partners with FluroSat

TerrAvion, the leading Aerial Imagery provider for agriculture in the US and Brazil, has partnered with FluroSat, an innovative Australian based imagery analytics company. This powerful partnership will provide US cotton growers and crop advisers with precise, actionable crop nitrogen...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Nov 01 1 min

How NDVI Zones can guide Cluster-thinning in Grapes

In the past, growers were picking random points to judge all aspects of a field. The more sample points, the more accurate the information. Growers using TerrAvion have realized they can choose minimal sampling points and still know more information about the block.

TerrAvion TerrAvion Oct 21 2 min

BayGeo GeoEducators Summit Bridges Academia & Industry

The BayGeo GeoEducators Summit hosted in downtown San Francisco October 14th was a wonderful opportunity to mix academia and industry and explore the evolving role that GIS plays in natural resources and the environment. Educators and industry representatives presented curricula and shared...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Sep 21 4 min

Aerial Imagery & Easement Monitoring

Advancements in remote sensing provide conservation professionals with a suite of powerful monitoring tools for conservation  easement and environmental monitoring. Over the last 15 years, mapping technology has evolved rapidly. With the availability of commercial technology products such as...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Sep 12 6 min

Aerial Imagery Solutions for Wetland Scientists

Environmental scientists rely on high quality imagery taken from satellite or aircraft to perform important surveys over expansive areas. High image quality and frequent  temporal resolution are particularly valued monitoring for the protection and restoration of wetland areas. But high costs...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Jun 13 4 min

Agwired.com Interviews CEO Robert Morris

UAV Army Leader Begins Plane-Based Aerial Image Biz It’s a little mind-blowing, really. Robert Morris served in the U.S. Army as a Technical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Platoon Leader in Afghanistan.  His ground-breaking work helped uncover intelligence that made critically important...

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