TerrAvion TerrAvion Mar 08 2 min

Farm logs-TerrAvion Partnership

TerrAvion is excited to announce that we have formed a new partnership with FarmLogs, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based farm management software provider. This partnership will allow FarmLogs customers to add our premium, high-resolution aerial imagery to their FarmLogs account. With the TerrAvion...

Robert Morris Robert Morris Mar 07 3 min

The Future of Ag Retail: Part 2

Factors for Change In part one of The Future of Ag Retail, the players and their roles in the world of modern agronomy were outline. Traditional ag retailers, agronomists, and consultants are facing major challenges. Their business models are struggling due to many factors that will be addressed...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Feb 28 6 min

2019 Flight Schedules

The 2019 TerrAvion flight schedules have been finalized. As in years past, TerrAvion has consulted with ag professionals and crop experts in all of our regions to build the ideal flight packages to meet the imagery data needs of our various types of growers. If you have any questions regarding...

Robert Morris Robert Morris Feb 24 2 min

The Future of Ag Retail

By Robert Morris - TerrAvion Inc. Founder and CEO The following is a multi-part opinion piece on the future of ag retail by TerrAvion Inc. CEO Robert Morris.

TerrAvion TerrAvion Feb 20 2 min

Imagery Solutions for Winter Wheat Growers

United States Winter Wheat Production Winter wheat accounts for 70 to 80 percent of total wheat production in the United States. The winter wheat acres are down in 2019 due to a particularly wet fall in the Plains that led to a late soybean harvest, however, growers still seeded an estimated...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Feb 18 0 min

New Regional Vice President for California

TERRAVION HIRES RAUL ENRIQUE PENA AS REGIONAL VICE PRESIDENT FOR CALIFORNIA TerrAvion is pleased to announce its recent hire of Raúl Enrique Peña, joining TerrAvion as the Regional Vice President for California. In this role, Raúl is responsible for providing TerrAvion’s high-resolution aerial...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Feb 15 3 min

TerrAvion NDVI Color Maps

What is NDVI? Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a ratio of the red light to near-infrared light that our sensor sees.  Plants are uniquely efficient at reflecting light in a way that increases the value of this ratio. Higher NDVI values mean more chlorophyll is detected by the...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Feb 13 3 min

TerrAvion Flight Regions and Subscription Offerings

During the winter months every year, TerrAvion evaluates the flight regions and subscriptions offerings available to make sure that we serve our customers best. For 2019, we are excited to announce expanded flying regions and many different subscriptions.

TerrAvion TerrAvion Sep 27 2 min

TerrAvion Announces Partnership with FieldX Inc. to Bring Aerial Imagery Solutions to Agronomists

TerrAvion, the largest volume provider of aerial imaging real-time data for agriculture, and FieldX®, the leading provider of software for independent agronomists, today announced the launch of an integration that brings aerial imagery solutions to agronomists using FieldX. High-resolution...

TerrAvion TerrAvion Jul 03 3 min

Identifying Crop Damage Resulting from a Weather Related Event

In the unfortunate event of a grower suffering crop damage, whether it be from severe weather, pests or disease infestations, herbicide drift or other chemical or nutrient burns, growers can use their TerrAvion imagery to identify and locate the affected areas, to quantify the range of affected...

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